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Crafts bring joy, fun, and peace to many, and we want to make it easier. Introducing Hearts and Crafts’ Natural Soy Wax. Blended with our 2% natural universal soy wax plant-based additives, and with a 120 degree melt point, your candles will look, smell, and melt beautifully. It can hold up to 8% fragrance for a scent that is more than subtle, yet not overpowering hot throw – the perfect balance.

After undergoing a series of tests by expert candlemakers, the consensus was clear: this wax is a game-changing addition to the craft world.

To make it even better, we decided to add 10 pre-waxed candle wicks (6” in length), ready to use alongside the wax.

Package Includes:
2lb Soy Wax
10 6” Pre-Waxed Wicks
2 Centering Devices

Feed your passion, love your craft. Hearts and Crafts brings pure elements into your home to for you to create, craft, and explore your passions. We supply only natural ingredients that will infuse your space with the intrinsic ingredients of nature. One of the wonderful aspects of our job? Hearing from you! If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk about crafts (cause who doesn’t?) just message us! We’re excited to hear from you!

When adding scents and dyes to your candles, please be aware that a large ratio of scents/dyes to the wax can influence the burning effectiveness, causing smoke and reducing the ability of your candles to stay lit

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