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Refund policy

 Perch Retailer Return Policy

 It is our goal at Whele LLC, dba Perch, to provide our customers with superior merchandise. Perch does not accept returns with the exception of returns for Care Touch and Hearts and Crafts brands. This policy only applies to the aforementioned brands. No other returns outside of the brands and circumstances outlined in this policy will be accepted. To qualify for returns, there must be a minimum order of one master case.

 Returns for Defective Merchandise

 In the event that the merchandise is damaged, retailers must refuse the goods at the time of receipt. If the retailer is a collect company, the retailer must refuse the goods at the Whele LLC warehouse or facility. If the retailer is a delivery company, they must refuse the goods at the dock. Please contact your account representative for disposition. If you do not have an account representative, contact wholesale@perchhq.com.

 Returns for Unsaleables

 In the event that greater than fifty percent of the purchased merchandise went unsold in the sales quarter after the goods were received by the retailer, the retailer may fill out the Return Authorization Form and request a refund or credit to be determined at Perch’s discretion. The standard shelf life of Perch products is six months or greater. Perch does not accept returns for expired products.

 Process for Submitting a Request for Return or Unsaleable

 To submit your request, fill out a Return Form and submit it to your account representative. If you do not have an account representative, submit the form to wholesale@perchhq.com. All decisions to accept or reject returns or unsaleables are within Perch’s sole discretion. Your account representative or Perch employee will decide the merit of the request and the form in which the credit or refund will take. Perch reserves the right to accept returns outside of these terms on a case-by-case basis. Unsaleables/returns under $100 may be destroyed without prior approval.

 Not for Resale

 Retailers are not permitted to sell the goods in any retail or wholesale distribution channel, either in retail stores, by catalog, or over the Internet (including Amazon.com and Walmart.com) that is not specifically authorized by Perch. Retailer represents and warrants that it is purchasing the goods for its own use, or the use of its employees, and that it does not intend to re-sell any items acquired from Perch or sell to any other person or entity who is intending to re-sell the goods.  To the extent Retailer is acting as a distributor/reseller and selling the goods to a third party, Retailer represents, warrants and covenants that it has contractual terms in place with such third party that are in accordance with this policy.

 Contact Information

 Request Forms and Information: wholesale@perchhq.com

Accounts Receivable: accountsreceivable@perchhq.com