Welcome to the Hearts & Craft Business Website!
If you are a consumer and looking to purchase our products, please visit our Amazon page or reach out to us here if you have any questions or concerns about our products.

Hearts & Crafts Business Account

Thank you for your interest in signing up for business account with Hearts & Crafts!

Exclusive benefits for verified business accounts:
  • Competitive pricing structure
  • High-quality and innovative candle making products can be purchased directly online at your convenience
Setting up your business account: Please provide the following via email to wholesale@perchhq.com
  • Incorporation information - to validate that you are a business entity (ex: incorporation information, DUNS number, etc.) and business website
  • If applicable - Resale Certificate or tax exemption documentation - for tax exemption to be applied. Indicate our seller information on your submission (Perch Direct Sales LLC / 112 S. French Street, Suite 105-73, Wilmington, DE 19801)
  • There will be a 3 business day hold on orders, during which business entity and tax exemption information is required. If valid tax exemption documentation is not provided, your order might be processed with tax. Valid tax exemption documentation can be submitted within the calendar year to obtain a tax refund
Maintaining your business account:
  • An order(s) for at least $1000+ per fiscal quarter needs to be placed (this can be done at once or in intervals)
  • An account will be deactivated if no business credentials are entered in 90 days