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About Us

Our Mission:
Hearts & Crafts supports candle-making businesses and crafters by selling a variety of top-quality candle-making products to empower creators to make unique and versatile candles.

Brand Story:
Hearts & Crafts was launched in Brooklyn, New York in 2019. Rapidly the brand started growing a large following and customer base due to launching an impressive collection of versatile products that candlemakers can use to create distinct, diverse, and signature candle creations. This resulted in high product ratings and overall high customer satisfaction. In 2021, Perch took notice and acquired the Hearts & Crafts brand by including it in its portfolio of over 100+  innovative brands. Perch is a collection of high-quality consumer packaged goods, sold across multiple channels.

We label and import products with innovation top of mind - incorporating modern designs, 100% natural and sustainably-sourced waxes, effective accessories, and dynamic candle-making kits.  

Hearts & Crafts has established a community of over 18K candlemakers and crafters who trust our products to grow their business, showcase at events, and as a fun crafting activity to do with friends and family. Through our social media, we continuously provide tips and information about unique ways to make candles. We frequently highlight and showcase the thousands of small candle businesses that use Hearts & Crafts products to make their beautiful creations.