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Aromatic & Festive Scents for Christmas Candles

Aromatic & Festive Scents for Christmas Candles

Certain smells remind us of specific memories, people, times in our lives, and seasons. In particular, some are associated with Christmas scents, and you can’t help reminisce about holidays past when you get a whiff of them. Usher in the spirit of joy and cozy weather by adding these smells to your home, preferably using Christmas candles for windows. 


It’s not Christmas without it! This spice rack favorite is a star in big feasts, and so the more at the biggest feast of the year. It was highly valued, even as much as silver in the first century! Used to preserve food and add an inviting scent to several dishes, like cookies, eggnog, and pies, it’s hard to imagine this special time of the year without this scent.  


The weather will always play one of the biggest roles. The temperature dropping, and icy flakes falling mark the beginning of the Yuletide season. White and wetsnow permeates the air with a crisp and clean smell that has become one of the signature Christmas scents. Be reminded of snow angels, and snowball fights that come with this annual period of cheer. 

Pine (Christmas trees)

What’s one addition to any home in this season that’s most well-loved? Christmas trees! The lush green stands as a wonderful reminder of life and provision during the coldest time of the year when the rest of nature is barren for the time being. Adorned with various trinkets, it’s a magical sight to both young and old. Remember to add essential pine oil the next time you’re making candles for that Christmas tree effect. 

Hot chocolate

No drink on Earth is more perfect than hot chocolate for the holidays. It’s sweet, creamy, warm, and, of course, has that chocolate flavor. Little marshmallows only increase its comfort factor beyond the scales. There’s no reason not to love it, and you can’t outgrow it. Chocolate is indulgent comfort. 


Ever wondered why we make reserve the gingerbread for Christmas when we can have it any time of the year if we wanted to? For centuries, gingerbread was only used for religious ceremonies and could only be made by specially trained people. In the 17th century, they finally allowed the public production and consumption of it exclusively for Christmastime. That’s why to this day, gingerbread is considered a Christmas treat only. 

Roasted chestnuts

Unlike many of those on this list, roasted chestnuts don’t have an interesting and complex history to how it began. The reason it is done during winter is it’s when the chestnuts begin sprouting in trees, like snow. The US doesn’t have chestnut trees anymorewhich became extinct due to a virus in the 1900s, but we still enjoy imported ones from North Europe where roasted chestnuts are seasonal street food. 

Oranges and cloves

When the air indoors gets stale from keeping the windows and doors shut to keep out the coldit’s time to whip out the pomander balls. They’re oranges pierced with cloves that release their fresh scent as they dry, lasting for months on end. It’s a natural and affordable way to spruce up your home. It also doubles as an endearing Christmas activity you can do with the family. 


How to Add Christmas Scents

There are several ways to incorporate these holiday smells into your home. You can use an essential oil diffuser or Christmas potpourriBut our personal favorites are Christmas-scented candles. That soft glow from a Christmas candle just makes a place a touch cozier. Enjoy the aromatic appeal as you make your Christmas list.