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Candle-making is one of those hobbies that you just can’t seem to get enough of. One day, you’re just making three candles; the next thing you know, your collection has grown to a roomfulTherefore, we ask you this  would you let your candles stay hidden, or would you rather have them displayed out in the open? 

Artists and dedicated candle makers, we think we know which choice you’ll take. Decorating your home with your art is a big proud moment for anyone. However, the real challenge lies in looking for the best spots for them.   

Candles are the home’s garnish—they add the finishing touches to your interior, bringing warmth and a sense of relief. And like any garnish, you don’t just put them anywhere. In this post, we’ll share four areas perfect for your candle home décor.   




Out of all the areas at home, the bedroom is the most intimate. It is where you can finally rest after a long day and be comfortable alone. This is exactly why the bedroom is one of the best places to have your candles on display.  

By adding scented candles, you can lighten up the atmosphere in your bedroom. We suggest going for fragrances that help your mind relax such as sandalwood and lavender. Try looking into different scents that affect your mood to know which aromatherapy candles suit you best.   

Now, deciding which spot in your bedroom is best for your candle home décor can be a bit tricky. Avoid putting them near the curtains, linens, or your clothes for safety. Clear a space on your bedside table or vanity desk for them instead. Keep in mind to always blow out the candles before you sleep or head out.  



Candles are versatile decorative pieces. They can grace a room looking plain and without too many embellishments but still steal the spotlight. Other times, they are the spotlight.   

Utilize the primary function of candles and place them outside. If your patio has chairs and tables, adding candles will only enrich your alfresco dining experience. They are also good sources of light for other outdoor activities. You may choose to hang them as candle lanterns or place them on the table.   

Aside from the aesthetic purposes of decorating your patio with candles, burning them outside keeps the insects away too!   

We encourage you to burn all-natural DIY candles for the environment especially if you’re putting them outdoors. Candles made from soy, palm, or ice wax burn cleaner than artificial and paraffin waxes. Create your natural candles in five easy steps and start showing them off in your home!  



Imagine treating yourself to a nice bubble bath coupled with soothing scents in vanilla, fresh linen, or citrus. After a week of hard work, you can finally enjoy a good soak and let your mind and body relax. While your eyes are closed, your sense of smell is wide awake, captivated by the fragrances around you. Now that’s the life, right?  

Adorn your bathroom with scented candles and don’t deprive yourself of this experience. You may put your candle home décor on the sink or near the tub. Then, light them during your bath or after use to mask other odors.   

One or two scented candles are enough to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add more. Liberate your creativity and go all out in mixing and matching candle decorations. Dyed candles are perfect for this. Try matching your dyed candles with your colored towels or shower curtains to match your theme. If you’re not a fan of colored candles, then we suggest looking for pre-designed candle containers instead. Hearts & Crafts has a variety of candle tin collections you can choose from.   



Accessorizing any area with candles is one of the many therapeutic home decorating ideas to keep your space looking and feeling calm. Adding DIY candles to your reading nook just makes the home even more serene.  

The sight of your most-loved books sitting side by side with beautifully crafted candles will surely make your crafter heart feel giddy. Organize your books according to height, color, or alphabetically then jazz up the shelves with candles. Just be sure never to light them near your books to avoid accidents.   

You may also add flowers or other figurines on the shelf for variety. Some candle containers are specially designed for multipurpose storage. You can store your highlighters, pens, or book magnets in them, too.   


Spruce Up Your Space  


Look around your home. Survey each corner and see if they need a little sprucing up. A candle home décor might just be the missing piece in your interior design. Be proud of your DIY candle creations and show them off. Keep in mind these four best areas or find better corners at home to have your creations laid out.  

Best of luck with designing your home, crafter. We’d love to see those creatively put together candles out in the open!