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5 DIY Tips for Christmas Candles

5 DIY Tips for Christmas Candles

Bring the holiday cheer to your family and friends! There’s no better way to do that than with lovely Christmas candles. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s easy to personalize. You can shop around for the supplies needed or purchase a kit and save time. Choose to keep it simple or let out your creative talents! Follow these ideas or take cues to come up with a standout design.


1. Coat Your Candle Holder in Glitter

Glam up the old tradition of Christmas candles for windows. Nothing gives a more celebratory vibe than an overload of sparkles. Use an adhesive made for arts, such as a decoupage medium or a glue spray, to coat the jars where you want the glitter. Then pour on the glitter and let it dry overnight. You can add another layer of decoupage medium or spray lacquer to seal in the glitter and protect it.

However, the aesthetic isn’t for everyone. Alternatives for a toned-down look still create a joyous mood, like a simple pop of Christmas color. If you don’t want the loudness and mess of glitter, opt for matte tins in festive shades of winegoldor tealand they’d still look good on your windowsill.


2. Choose Christmas-Scented Fragrance Oils 

Sights, sounds, and smells have a unique feature of being able to resurface specific memories that involved them. Just like pumpkin spice brings back memories of fall, the holiday season has its own scents, too. These are a few that remain popular Christmas scents, and characteristic of this time of the year: 

  • Cinnamon 
  • Hot Chocolate 
  • Pine 
  • Spiced Orange 
  • Sugar Cookie 
  • Frankincense 

Make Christmas-scented candles more personal for a special loved one, and create one with a fragrance that reminds them of a happy holiday experience they had, even if it’s not traditional. What makes a gift truly thoughtful is when it holds meaning to the recipient. If you’re not sure what they’d prefer, go the safe route and use a popular scent. 


3. Create a Layered Candle 

Ready for a creative challenge? If you’re not sold on the idea of giving candles as a gift, you can step it up on the design to make your candle a true standout. Produce multi-colored Christmas candles, a different hue for every layer. 

Get a jar or a candle holder of clear glass and pile on layers of different colors. Wait for each layer to solidify before adding the next so they don’t mix. If you’re daring enough, have a different scent for each layer that matches the color, such as pine for green and cabernet for red. Test the effect when two scents mix in the air before doing this. 


4. Ice Candles, Anyone? 

The crystal pattern matches the winter season perfectly. The great thing about it is it’s a natural phenomenon that happens to a specific type of palm wax, so there’s no extra effort necessary. When the wax sets, crystal-like design appears on the surface. It’s even more prominent and fascinating when in color! 

Simply follow the same steps of making a candle. Be sure to take note of the melting point, fragrance point, and pouring point indicated. Add a scent and dye, if you like, and then watch the transformation happen. Palm wax is self-supporting, so it doesn’t need a holder so that it can be displayed in all its glory. 


5. Floating Tealights for Charm and Wonder 

They also give a cathartic effect similar to a spa, giving your guests a feeling of escape from the daily grind. It’ll be a small but effective way to help them detach and be present for Christmas. Any wax can be used to create floaters, but if you’re planning to place them in a pool or bowl, best to use safe all-natural waxes to avoid releasing toxins. 

Pour the wax into molds specifically for floating Christmas candles because it’s necessary as they’re short and widewhich keeps them above water. Be sure to fill them to the top, as they’re likely to shrink once they cool. Add extra wax in the recessed area to create an even surface. Once they’ve fully set, they’ll slip right out of the mold. If they’re difficult to remove, try freezing them for a few minutes, and the candles will ease out. 


Candles for a Cozy Christmas 

Fight off the winter blues as you create that lively and cozy atmosphere only this special time of the year can bring. The holiday season is a long one, giving you lots of time to try different candle art and décor ideas! Spice up your Christmas decorations by changing up your candles every week. Then go ahead and paint the wholtown in your art by spreading cheer through your delightful DIY Christmas candles.